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1. N. Babaiha, R. Aghdam, S. Ghiam and C. Eslahchi,
NN-RNALoc: Neural network-based model for prediction of mRNA sub-cellular localization using distance-based sub-sequence profiles,
PLOS ONE (2023),   [abstract]   
2. F. Eskandari, R. Hosseinpour Samim Mamaghani and Vahid Rezaei Tabar,
Bayesian Shrinkage Estimators of Quality Parameters in Ultrahigh-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models.,
Journal of Quality Engineering and Management (2023),   [abstract]   
3. S.S.. Azimi, Ashraf Samavat Sama, V. Rezaei Tabar and H. Soori,
Effectiveness of the preventive intervention of Chromosomal Disorders of Iran's community genetics program: application of Bayesian Network,
Medical Journal of The Islamic Republic of Iran (MJIRI) (2023),   [abstract]   
4. H. Zareifard, V. Rezaei Tabar and D. Plewczynski,
A Bayesian Approach for Learning Bayesian Network Structures,
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation (2023),   [abstract]   
5. R. Masumshah and C. Eslahchi,
DPSP: a multimodal deep learning framework for polypharmacy side effects prediction ,
Bioinformatics Advances (2023),   [abstract]   
6. Z. Ghorbanali, F. Zare-Mirakabad, M. Akbari, N. Salehi and A. Masoudi-Nejad,
DrugRep-KG: Toward Learning a Unified Latent Space for Drug Repurposing Using Knowledge Graphs,
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2023),   [abstract]   
7. Z. Moosavi-Movahedi, N. Salehi, M. Habibi-Rezaei, F. Qassemi and M H. Karimi-Jafari,
Intermediate-aided allostery mechanism for a-glucosidase by Xanthene-11v as an inhibitor using residue interaction network analysis,
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (2023),   [abstract]   
8. H. Khojasteh, J. Pirgazi and A. Ghanbari Sorkhi,
Improving prediction of drug-target interactions based on fusing multiple features with data balancing and feature selection techniques,
PLOS ONE (2023),   [abstract]   
9. S. Saboori-Darabi, P. Carrera, A. Akbari, A. Amiri-Yekta, N. Almadani, G. Battista Pipitone, E. Shahrokh-Tehraninejad, M. Lotfi, M. Mazaheri and M. Totonchi,
A heterozygous missense variant in DLX3 leads to uterine leiomyomas and pregnancy losses in a consanguineous Iranian family,
Gene (2023),   [abstract]   
10. M. Rastegari, N. Salehi and F. Zare-Mirakabad,
Biomarker prediction in autism spectrum disorder using a network-based approach,
BMC Medical Genomics (2023),   [abstract]   

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