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1. M. Shahdoust, H. Mahjub, H. Pezeshk and M. Sadeghi,
A Network-based Comparison between Molecular Apocrine Breast Cancer Tumors and Basal and Luminal Tumors by Joint Graphical Lasso,
computational biology and bioinformatics DOI: 10.1109/TCBB.2019.2911074(2019),   [abstract]   
2. A. Emdadi, F. Ahmadi Moughari, F. Yassaee Meybodi and Ch. Eslahchi,
A novel algorithm for parameter estimation of Hidden Markov Model inspired by Ant Colony Optimization,
Heliyon 5(2019),  [abstract]   
3. M. Ashtiani, P. Nickchi, S. Jahangiri Tazehkand, A. Saffari, M. Mirzaei and M. Jafari,
IMMAN: an R/Bioconductor package for Interolog protein network reconstruction, mapping and mining analysis,
BMC Bioinformatics 20(2019), 73  [abstract]   
4. T. Baghfalaki and M. Ganjali,
A transition model for analyzing multivariate longitudinal data using Gaussian copula approach,
Advances in Statistical Analysis, 1-55  [abstract]   
5. P. Urban, V. Rezaeitabar, G. Bokota, Michal Denkiewicz, Subhadip Basu and Dariusz Plewczy�?ski,
Dendritic Spines Taxonomy: the functional and structural classification. Time-dependent probabilistic model of neuronal activation,
Journal of Computational Biology  (to appear) [abstract]   
6. S. Abbasi, S. Gharaghani, A. Benvidi and A. M. Latif,
Identifying the novel natural antioxidants by coupling different feature selection methods with nonlinear regressions and gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy,
Microchemical Journal 139(2018), 372-379 -  [abstract]   
7. H. Pezeshgi Modarres, M. R. Mofrad and A. Sanati-Nezhad,
ProtDataTherm: A database for thermostability analysis and engineering of proteins,
PlosOne 13(2018), doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0191222  [abstract]   
8. Y. Asgari, Z. Zabihinpour and A. Masoudi-Nejad,
SCAN-Toolbox: Structural COBRA Add-oN (SCAN) for Analysing Large Metabolic Networks,
Current Bioinformatics 13(2018), 100-107 - DOI:  [abstract]   
9. F. Salari, F. Zare-Mirakabad, M. Sadeghi and H. Rokni-Zadeh,
Assessing the impact of exact reads on reducing the error rate of read mapping,
BMC Bioinformatics 19(2018), 406 -  [abstract]   
10. A. R. Alizad-Rahvar and M. Sadeghi,
Ambiguity in logic-based models of gene regulatory networks: An integrative multi-perturbation analysis,
PlosOne 13(2018),  [abstract]   

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