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11. N. Salehi, M. Karimi-Jafari, M. Totonchi and A. Amiri-Yekta,
Integration and gene co-expression network analysis of scRNA-seq transcriptomes reveal heterogeneity and key functional genes in human spermatogenesis,
Scientific Reports (2021), 19089  [abstract]   
12. A. Ziaeemehr and A. Valizadeh,
Frequency-Resolved Functional Connectivity: Role of Delay and the Strength of Connections,
Frontiers in Neural Circuits (2021),   [abstract]   
DOI: 10.3389/fncir.2021.608655
13. H. Latifi-Navid, Z. S. Soheili, S. Samiei, M. Sadeghi, S. Taghizadeh, E. Ranaei Pirmardan and E. Ahmadieh,
Network analysis and the impact of Aflibercept on specific mediators of angiogenesis in HUVEC cells,
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2021),   [abstract]   
14. A. Shahir Sadr, Z. Abdollahpour, A. Aliahmadi, C. Eslahchi, M. Nekouei, L. Kiaei, M. Kiaei and A. Ghassempour,
Detection of structural and conformational changes in ALS-causing mutant profilin-1 with hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry and bioinformatics techniques,
Metabolic Brain Disease (2021),   [abstract]   
15. R. Masumshah, R. Aghdam and C. Eslahchi,
A neural network�??based method for polypharmacy side efects prediction,
BMC Bioinformatics 22(2021),   [abstract]   
16. A. Shahir Sadr, C. Eslahchi, A. Ghassempour and M. Kiaei,
In silico studies reveal structural deviations of mutant profilin-1 and interaction with riluzole and edaravone in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
Scientific Reports 11(2021), 1-14  [abstract]   
17. F. Ahmadi Moughari and C. Eslahchi,
A computational method for drug sensitivity prediction of cancer cell lines based on various molecular information,
Plos One 16(2021),   [abstract]   
18. F. Yassayee and C. Eslahchi,
Predicting Anti-Cancer Drug Response by Finding Optimal Subset of Drugs,
Bioinformatics  (to appear) [abstract]   
19. S. Vafadar, M. Shahdoust, A. Kalirad, P. Zakeri and M. Sadeghi,
Competitive exclusion during co-infection as a strategy to prevent the spread of a virus: A computational perspective,
Plos One (2021),   [abstract]   
20. A. Pariz, I. Fischer, A. Valizadeh and C. Mirasso,
Transmission delays and frequency detuning can regulate information flow between brain regions,
PLOS Computational Biology  (to appear) [abstract]   

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