Next Generation Sequencing Workshop
School of Biological Sciences, IPM
April 13, 2016
1395،فروردین 25

Introduction to NGS platforms, data formats and quality control

Learning objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of NGS platforms
  • Introduction to workflows
  • NGS data formats
  • QC and pre-processing of raw data

De-novo Genome Assembly using Velvet

Learning objectives:

  • Pre-processing of read data
  • De-novo genome assembly using Velvet
  • Assessment and optimisation of Velvet parameters
  • Assessment of assembly quality

Aligning reads to a reference and Variant Calling

Learning objectives:

  • Alignment to reference genome using BWA
  • Visualization of aligned reads
  • Quality control and refinement of the aligned reads
  • Variant calling and filtering using samtools

RNA-Seq analysis

Overview of 1000 Genome Project and beyond


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