Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Workshop


May 6-7, 2018
1397،اردیبهشت 16-17

ظرفیت کارگاه تکمیل شد

NGS Technologies

  • Introduction to sequencing technologies
  • Common NGS data analysis issues
  • Applications of sequencing technologies

Introduction to NGS data analysis

  • Raw sequence files
  • Preprocessing of raw reads
  • Read mapping
  • Maooing output
  • Variant calling
  • Variant annotation
  • Variant prioritization

Practical Bioinformatics (with Linux)

  • Introduction to the command line and important commands
  • Introduction to bioinformatics file formats and databases
  • Isage of important bioinformatics toolkits

Application os Sequencing technologies

  • Interpretation and discovery
  • Demonstration of some online tools and their usages

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